Under Attack: Drug Gangs Infiltrate US

In Sequoia National Forest, not too far from California’s Yosemite waterfalls in the redwood forests, Mexican drug gangs are slowly taking over. They have commandeered U.S. public land to grow millions of their own marijuana plants and have smuggled immigrants into the country to cultivate the crops. It has been said that pot has been growing on U.S. lands for decades although Mexican traffickers have stepped it up to the next level in recent months. Currently, traffickers and drug gangs are using armed guards and trip wires to protect thousands of plants.

Not too long ago, Mexican drug gangs also took over the methamphetamine trade in which they have grown mega gardens. According to the California Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, Mexican traffickers have expanded the marijuana trade.

In 2004, The Associated Press and law enforcement officials across the country reported having seen an increase in the scale of large marijuana farms. In 2008 alone, the Drug Enforcement Administration police confiscated and destroyed up to 7.6 million pot plants. Data suggests an increase in marijuana production, both domestically and across our borders.

To make it easier on traffickers, the drug gangs grow marijuana in the U.S. to save on smuggling expenses. This also allows gangs to reproduce their crops in the local market. When it comes to addiction, there are places that help you come out of the addiction like the drug rehab el paso which can also help and make sure you don’t relapse, especially in the UK there are quite a number of De-addiction centers that can help.

All of the sites are far from the eyes of law enforcement, where the growers can take the time that is needed to grow more potent marijuana. Some farmers of these fields use illegal fertilizers to help the plants grow faster, which allows for more distribution.

Many of the farms are heavily guarded with crude explosives and are patrolled by guards armed with AK-47’s. Despite this, there are vast amounts of pot still being smuggled into the U.S from Mexico. Federal officials have reported nearly daily hauls of several hundred to several thousand pounds seized along the borders.