Treasurer’s Tip

Annalisa Berardinelli

Yearly Budget

Yearly Budget will be released February 15 and due March 22 at 11:59PM

Yearly Budget Training Sessions:

2/16/16 9:00-10:00PM  K109
2/23/16 9:00-10:00PM  K109
3/1/16 9:00-10:00PM  K109
3/8/16 9:00-10:00PM  K109
2/17/16 9:00-10:00PM Faculty Dining
2/24/16 9:00-10:00PM Faculty Dining
3/2/16 9:00-10:00PM Faculty Dining
3/9/16 9:00-10:00PM Faculty Dining
2/19/16 12:30-1:30PM K107
2/26/16 12:30-1:30PM K107
3/4/16 12:30-1:30PM K107
3/11/16 12:30-1:30PM K107

We are doing this to HELP you!

The President, Treasurer, or whoever is doing the budget is strongly recommended to come to at least once.

I recommend getting a future member of your e-board or club involved in this process!

We want you to be successful next year and this is how we can help you!

Anna Berardinelli
USGA Treasurer