Treasurer Candidates

The Charger Bulletin

Question: “What is the biggest challenge facing USGA in the next academic year and how would you work to solve it?”

Isaak Kifle

The biggest challenge that USGA will face in the next academic year will be to keep up with the rapid growth of the university and, consequently, the rapid growth of RSOs on campus. Within the past year, three more seats have been added to the senate, the budget committee chair position was established and most recently, there have been discussions about adding an additional position to the executive board. All of these things have happened because a larger number of RSOs are utilizing the services that USGA provides and, while this is great news for the organization, steps must be taken to ensure that every organization will continue to be adequately served.

If elected USGA Treasurer, I will work on improving the channels of communication between RSO treasurers so that newer and less experienced treasurers will have access to the knowledge base and resources of more experienced treasurers for both mentorship and collaboration purposes. While I plan to myself available as much as possible, I believe that this will go a long way towards ensuring that newer treasurers have swift access to answers and advice in the event that I am not available. Additionally, this will make it easier for newer and smaller RSOs to co-sponsor events with older and larger RSOs and in the process make the campus community more aware of the presence, purpose and opportunities provided by these newer and smaller RSOs.


Enrique Cruz

I believe that having new student leaders that are not familiar with USGA will be the toughest challenge next year. To address the issue from a treasurer point, I will have mandatory treasurer training sessions in the beginning of the academic school year that will outline the basics of being a treasurer. For example the Do’s and Don’ts of filling out forms. This will help Recognized Student Organization’s become more familiar with USGA.