Trailer Talk

Scott Iwaniec

Jimmy Kimmel premiered trailers for the two most anticipated superhero vs. superhero movies within exactly one week of each other.

Here’s what I think of the twin trailers that grabbed the world’s complete attention.

The cast of Captain America: Civil War   (Walt Disney pictures/Marvel Studios)
The cast of Captain America: Civil War
(Walt Disney pictures/Marvel Studios)

Captain America: Civil War: This trailer is so well-crafted and well-narrated it makes me jealous. This is the first trailer we get to see, and here’s what it tells us: Cap has possibly rescued Bucky while the world is trying to deal with the aftermath of Age of Ultron, the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film, not counting Ant-Man.

The U.S. government takes their own initiative to regulate superhero activity, which causes a rift between Cap and Iron Man’s Tony Stark as the ripple builds and affects their fellow avengers.

This is merely basic information that leads a lot of questions left unanswered, which is perfect because it promises more to come of it. It clearly shows that the story is being told from Cap’s perspective and that he is the star of the film, instead of just another Avengers film, which some people were worried about. It also does a great job not leading the viewer to side with either Tony or Cap. It presents the problem and emphasizes how both are playing in an extremely gray area, and how it truly is up to the audience to decide. The reveal of Black Panther looks great, and is the most important character to keep in mind going into the film because he serves as the wild card. This trailer concludes with a giant bomb of a line that drills you right in the heart. Civil War got record-breaking viewership online, and completely deserves it.
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: The reason why I emphasized how good Civil War was at revealing information is because this trailer did the exact opposite of that. Before we get to that, the first minute of the trailer is brilliant. We see Clark and Bruce (in their civilian alter egos) engage in a passive aggressive exchange with a genius fourth wall breaking narrative, before being interrupted by Lex Luthor who continues the narrative. Everything about this sequence is wonderful and would be perfect if it just stopped there. But it didn’t; it kept going, showing old footage we knew was there but showed the reveal of Wonder Woman and the creation and debut of Doomsday. By the time the trailer ends, not only did I feel like I saw the movie, but it became less like Batman v. Superman and clearly more like a pre-Justice League film.

The trailer has an identity crisis because it’s almost like it advertises for two different movies, and the tone abruptly jumps into jokes during suspense-filled moments. Granted, the jokes made are funny, but out of place for the trailer’s context. I recommend watching this trailer, but once Lex finishes talking, turn it off, because that’s all you need.