Top Athletes Place on 100 Player List

Alex Kratman

The use of steroids in baseball has been occurring since the 1960’s. However, recently the persona about steroids has changed and penalties have become stiffer. Many major league players are looked up to but many young kids, many who play baseball themselves. The temptation of producing is huge in baseball. Many people do not want to take the time to get bigger, instead taking short cuts with performing enhancing drugs.

In 2003, 104 players took a performance enhancement test and all tested positive. The test results were supposed to be destroyed, but somehow got into the hands of federal officials during the Barry Bonds investigation. The existence of the list was not known until about a year ago when it leaked to the media, starting with Alex Rodriguez. Although many question his apology, he took the more direct approach and faced the accusations head on.

After that, more names started to leak out: Sammy Sosa, David Segui, and Jason Grimsely to name a few. Some have been named in the Mitchell report; others have been leaked through lawyers and various other means. It’s really disappointing to see these players being paid to play a sport that many people love and falling short when it comes to steroids. It also raises the concern that titles may be tainted by players taking these drugs.

Most recently, more names were released, such as David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. New England residents were shocked and appalled by the news, which questioned the 2004 title. It also questioned the integrity of Ortiz, who has always sworn against the use of steroids and drugs in baseball.

Major league baseball has been slow to clamp down on players for using steroids. It took a stiff arm by the American people and congress to get progress and make to stiffer penalties. When major league players test positive for doping, it questions their character and makes them look like the bad guys.

Ramirez has already served a 50 game suspension for illegal drug activity, and many other players are being protected by the baseball union.

Maybe then baseball will go back to being about the runs, not about steroids.