Top 5 Guy Movies

Scott Iwaniec

The conclusion of this week will bring us to No Shave November. Yes, that special time of year where men show off their testosterone by growing beards and refusing to shave them off. So what better way to celebrate man power than by counting down my top five MAN movies! Now I’ll admit, these aren’t so much individual movies, as much as franchises, because most of these have about five movies to them additionally.

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Pacific Rim: I know I bring this movie up all the time, but it’s really that good. The plot is simple: giant robots vs. giant mutant dinosaurs from another dimension. Give me a few hundred million dollars, and I could probably make the same movie. It was between this and Transformers for the number five spot, and while Transformers did have the deliciousness of Megan Fox, it was a little too kid friendly.

Predator: This movie is so manly it has one minute and five seconds of straight machine gun fire at absolutely nothing. No dialogue. Just soldiers standing still screaming and squeezing the trigger. Oh, and one of them is Arnold Schwarzenegger. There’s probably enough gun fire in this movie to supply for the entire war in Afghanistan.

The Fast and the Furious: The first one is my favorite, but don’t get me wrong, I can watch all six back-to-back and be beyond happy. These movies have Vin Diesel, women, and of course; cars, lots and lots of cars. Any guy will drop his girlfriend for the franchise’s signature 1970 Dodge Charger. But worry not, right when you come rolling up on the finish line in that thing, you’ll have a super model status chick strutting her way in your direction. It’s the American dream right?

Die Hard: We all want to forget It’s a Good Day To Die Hard and wish we could sue after the disappointment of Live Free and Die Hard, but there’s no denying the franchise name has become a staple for guys everywhere. There isn’t even much that can be said about it; you have to experience it. Just make sure you don’t have to do anything important after, you may be physically exhausted by time the credits roll.

Rambo: I know the first film isn’t even called Rambo, its First Blood, but who cares. I don’t think there is a guy in the world who hasn’t at least heard of Rambo. For that very small minority that’s left; Rambo is a roided-out Vietnam vet played by Sylvester Stallone. Love at first sight right? To this day action movies keep trying to find the secret to top Rambo and fail. Needless to say, it is the ultimate guy movie(s).