To Have Healthcare You Need “Care”

Zack Rosen

Okay, so we all know quite a bit about Barack Obama’s healthcare policy and his
stance on universal healthcare. But what about John McCain? Surely with so many
Americans for universal healthcare, he must have some crazy amazing policy
plans, right?

A study came out last week from educators and scholars at prestigious
universities Columbia, Harvard, Purdue, and Michigan who decided it was
appropriate to investigate McCain’s healthcare policy. And what they found is
beyond shocking: 20 million Americans who have employment-based health
insurance-what many students with health insurance have-would lose it under the
McCain plan.
It’s also ironic that the McCain campaign keeps saying how Obama would tax Americans
if he became president. But the fact of the matter is that the only groups
Obama would tax would be those making over $600,000-they can certainly afford
tax increases. Anyone making less than that, which is all of us, would not be
The irony kicks in when you find out that the McCain health plan would treat
health benefits as income-that means employees would have to pay taxes on it.
What that pretty much means is that your boss would be making an estimate on
how much you are receiving in health insurance, and then you have to pay taxes
on that money.
According to this study, “the McCain plan will force millions of Americans into
the weakest segment of the private insurance system-the nongroup market-where
cost-sharing is high, covered services are limited and people will lose access
to benefits they have now.” The net effect of the plan, in fact, would “almost
certainly increase family costs for medical care.”
Hmm. Interesting. Shall I go on? (You: “Yes, Zack! Go on!”)
The McCain-Palin healthcare plan would make employees find additional money
being withheld each week on their paychecks, in order to cover the taxes on the
value of their healthcare benefits. Although there is undoubtedly going to be
less money in the paycheck, Senator John McCain says that this is nothing to
worry about. He would be giving $2,500 credit to a single worker and $5,000 for
a family to be used “to help pay for your healthcare.”
The sad part is when you actually realize what $2,500 means in healthcare: a
broken bone that required surgery would certainly go over this amount; a week’s
worth of medication would easily go over; if you need a serious operation done
or work performed on your heart, lungs, or brain, forget it-you’re screwed.
Take a moment to think about what you can afford as a college student. Under
the McCain-Palin plan, and under the McCain presidency, you will be able to
afford a lot less.