Title Fight Releases Hyperview

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

I had mixed feelings for Title Fight. Had. During high school, this genuinely nice guitarist would share these music and or lyric videos—and some of these bands were great! One day, Title Fight’s “Flood of ’72” came up and it didn’t go so well. But hey, back then I was into no-so-great-will-not-be-named bands; and I may or may not have gone through a few phases. Who hasn’t?

Title Fight’s new album Hyperview is available on iTunes  (Photo obtained via Facebook)
Title Fight’s new album Hyperview is available on iTunes
(Photo obtained via Facebook)

Fast forward to a New Year and album, Hyperview, which is stunning. The four piece post-hardcore band from Pennsylvania truly deserves credit. Ten songs. Thirty-one minutes total. It’s definitely different from 2012’s Floral Green. Most of these songs are slow; giving off sleepy vibes. Heavy distortion is no longer as present. It’s a noticeable, drastic change. However, that should not discourage you from checking out this album. Change is always good.

The album opens up with “Murder Your Memory;” one would think this would be a very intense song. A minute in, you’re introduced to new, lush ideas that don’t make sense at first, but lyrically, it’s mesmerizing. It leaves you in a serene state. Following that is “Chlorine,” which was last year’s released single. It’s mellow. The melodies you have here cut through impressively.

Old fans will enjoy “Mrahc,” and “Rose of Sharon,” as they pay tribute to past soundscapes. Not going to lie, I thought of Silent Hill for a quick second when I saw the names. Wonder if that was an influence? Weird good movie and it’s an even better song by Title Fight. That aggression from previous albums pays a short visit here.

A few songs in particular, “Your Pain Is Mine Now” and “Liar’s Love,” has me stumped. They’ll leave you in haze. These tracks hold solid songwriting and new sounds that recapture your senses.

While this is a drastic change the band has ever attempted, you have to give them credit for their confidence in doing so. Some of the songs do sound similar on the album, but these heavenly dreamscapes are what people need these days. Sometimes change is good. Go check out this album—won’t take too long.