Tis The Season?

Dave Iannacone

Mariah Carey upcoming Christmas Album: Merry Christmas II You

Now that everyone is finishing up their last few pieces of Halloween candy and October has come to an end, the music world has now completely shifted into Christmas mode. As strange as it may sound, the holidays are off to an early start in music stores. With only a handful of big album releases left (Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Nelly, and Black Eyed Peas) the market is now shifting to two popular Christmas releases: holiday music and greatest hits compilation. This year there is no shortage of either.

If you’re craving some new Christmas music, both today and yesterday’s popular artists in many genres are putting out collections of holiday tunes. Probably the biggest of these releases would be Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas II You and Susan Boyle’s The Gift. As the title suggests, Carey’s release is the follow up to her classic Merry Christmas album. The collection features a mix of classic and new Christmas songs, including an update of her own “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Susan Boyle’s album contains a mix of both covers of popular songs such as Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” as well as other popular Christmas songs. This holiday season seemingly wouldn’t be complete without a musical contribution from the cast of Glee, who will be releasing their own collection of Christmas tunes. Other releases include albums from Annie Lennox, Jessica Simpson, and even Wilson Phillips.

As far as Greatest Hits compilations go, this season’s big release would be P!nk, who will be releasing her first collection entitled The Greatest Hits… So Far! The album will include many of her popular hits released over the last decade, as well as two new songs, including her current single, “Raise Your Glass.” In addition, Bon Jovi will be releasing their first career-spanning collection featuring all of their popular hits, as well as two new tracks. Jay-Z will also be releasing a collection of his own entitled The Hits Collection, Volume 1. In the country world, Tim McGraw is putting out a compilation of his number one country hits (cleverly titled Number One Hits.) His collection features the new single “Felt Good On My Lips.”

So whenever you feel that the holiday season has begun, there are plenty of new collections of Christmas music to add to the classics of the past. However, regardless of what and how you celebrate, there are plenty of new greatest hits collections that are coming out that are not only perfect stocking stuffers, but great additions to anyone’s collections.