Tiger Facing the Music, Unsure of Return

Tom Chieppo

An emotional three months of silence came with tears, unfaithfulness to his family, and leaving the PGA. Tiger Woods explained himself at 11am at the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida; home of the PGA Tour.

Watching ESPN and the live coverage of the press conference, Woods said the following:  “I’m deeply sorry. I was unfaithful. I cheated. And what I did was not acceptable.” Elin Nordegren, Woods’ wife, was not present with him. According to a source in Yahoo Sports, Nordegren said, “I watched it, but I have nothing to say right now.” And, she also told the Associated Press about it as well.

Woods also alluded to the small media about the treatment for his sex rehab that lasted for 45 days. He plans on returning to seek more help in the future and start his life over. Who knows if he can restore his marriage with his wife Elin and their kids, but Woods speculated that his wife did not attack him as reported to police.

Why now?  Tiger Woods waited an unusually long period of time before making a public address of relatively common knowledge. Anyway, Woods lost a lot of money from his endorsements such as Gatorade, Nike, Electronic Arts, Gillette, etc.  90% of Tiger’s income comes from endorsements. Could he be getting back at some of his sponsors who parted ways with him? It’s a distinct possibility. Money can be the root of all evil, but Woods was looking to make some more money because he could be having some financial problems.

As legendary of a player that Tiger Woods has become, he made a critical mistake by adding more fuel to the flame and talking about performance-enhancing drugs (PED).  After a day where he was trying to contemplate about his personal life and his career dropped the bomb.  On ESPN, Woods said, “I never used performance-enhancing drugs.” The media looked like they were going to cringe. This wasn’t necessary to say! No, question, Woods is an elite player and a future hall-of-famer because he was a great player to begin with. Woods was bigger than the game, and his immaturity came out once again, and he will have to answer questions about PED’s very soon.

The return of Woods is still questionable right now. When he returns to golf and takes his swings, what will the overall reaction be? How will the overall public embrace him? The time for Woods to return on the green, will be slow and a steady process. Right, now it’s doubtful. Woods was unsure, but will he play golf again? It remains to be seen.