Things to do around and on campus during Thanksgiving Break

Amber Cholwea , Community Engagement Editor

Are you staying in the area for Thanksgiving Break and are looking for some fun things to do? We’ve got you covered! Charger Connection has many club meetings posted throughout the week to go to, whether you attend virtually or in person. This is a great opportunity to get involved and meet new people who are also still on campus for the break.

On Thursday, Nov. 24 at 8:00 p.m. in Kaplan room 107 the Gaming Club is hosting a Smash Night. If you’re interested in Smash Bros, this is definitely the event to attend! You do not need to RSVP for this event so anyone can attend. Under the description the club listed: “a night for anyone to come together and fight in 8 man brawls and tournaments in Super Smash bros. ultimate!”

Looking for things off campus? There are tons of locations to visit surrounding the West Haven and Downtown New Haven area. One being the Mew Haven Cat Cafe in Downtown New Haven. You can book a session with the cats, whether it’s just playing with them for 50 minutes, doing yoga with them or even trivia with the cats.

If you want to get out and go down the Boston Post Rd., stop at the Boston Post Mall where you can go to Cinemark and watch a movie you’ve been dying to see. Whether it’s a movie coming out that week or one that’s been out for a month, this is your chance to forget about homework and relax with a delicious box of popcorn with extra movie theater butter. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a slushie as well!

Trying new cuisines is always fun. Mecha Noodle Bar in Downtown New Haven is an excellent place to try. They have a variety of different ramens, Pho, dumplings and baos. They also have delicious boba that is a chef’s kiss. Not only is Mecha Noodle Bar a great place to eat, the location also offers a great place to sit down and even take pictures. Everything in there is so aesthetically pleasing and the staff are very welcoming.

Another really cool place is the Yale Art Museum in Downtown New Haven. It has many different exhibits that show art from all over the world. The museum is ever changing with their upcoming exhibitions that come and go every few months at the museum, so there’s always fresh art coming in and out; there are also permanent exhibitions as well. It’s such a fun place to appreciate art and spend a few hours learning about it. It’s definitely something to check out.

If you do find yourself on or around campus for Thanksgiving, any of these would be a great place to start to turn it into a fun week.