They’re Back


To say
I was nervous about how the new Metallica CD would turn out would be an

When I
pressed play however, all my fears of a bad CD were blown away with the beloved
Metallica guitar solos (they’re in every song). Before I knew it I was rocking
out in my chair!

When buying
CD’s my general rule of thumb is to hear at least three songs I like before
buying the CD, in this case I had only heard one, “The Day That Never Comes.”
With Death Magnetic it made no difference that I had only listened to one song
off of the CD because I ended up loving all of them. By the time I had finished
listening to the whole CD I had to listen to it again!

Magnetic goes back to the sounds of Master of Puppets and moves away from the
2003 release of St. Anger.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying St. Anger was a bad CD, it just didn’t feel like Metallica to me. Death
Magnetic finds a happy medium between old and new Metallica.

those fans who loved the old and the new Metallica this CD is for you. Totally
worth the money!