Theater Club Promoted to Gold Status

The University of New Haven Theater Club has just been promoted to a gold status organization on campus, meaning they are fully funded and recognized by the university.

The club “aims to incorporate as many aspects of the performing arts field as possible, and provide an inclusive environment to learn, grow, and have fun.”

The club’s secretary, Erica Quaedvlieg said, “The opportunity to be a gold status club allows us to be more involved with the inner workings of campus life so that we can try to incorporate students who normally wouldn’t think to do theater, and get them to join our club.”

The club’s president, Cessa Fontanez, said, “Now that we’ve gone gold we will be able to create and provide higher quality performances to share with our campus community.”

The club is involved on campus, both on and off the stage. They recently held the Anton Chekhov Short Play Festival and hosted a Haunted Hall event in Maxcy Hall on Friday Oct. 27 alongside PRIDE and Pineapple Johnny’s.

Quaedvlieg said, “It is sure to bring fear and laughter to the start of a spooky weekend.”

The club also does musical reviews, short plays, student written work and 24 hour theater performances.

Quaedvlieg encourages all students to join the club. “The type of people that should join the club is honestly anyone and everyone,” she said. “It is an outlet to let your wild side out. If you are an extrovert this is a wonderful place for you to allow yourself to be free, and if you are an introvert, this can be space where if you let it out, you will be cheered for supported by your peers.”

She also expressed her outlook for the future.“The future of our club can only be seen getting bigger and stronger, not only for the club itself, but being a bigger name and becoming more well known on campus. We would love more people to come out and try something they would have never dreamed of trying before. In our future, we see trips to New York City and giving opportunities to students to try different aspects of the theater life.”

“We can’t wait to see what this semester has in store, as well as the future,” Fontanez said.

They meet every other Wednesday in Bucknall Theater at 5:45 p.m..