The Worst Male Performer of the Year

Erin Ennis

On Sept. 13, I sat down in my living room with my roommate to watch the MTV Video Music Awards. The show, known for its drama and ridiculous acts, seemed to be an ideal way to end a rather long and boring Sunday.

The first award was Top Female Music Video. Amongst the likes of P!NK, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson, I was wholeheartedly surprised to see Taylor Swift nominated. My surprise grew when her name was announced and she walked to the stage. The young 18 year old country star was in complete shock over her win and took to the microphone smiling. Until everything came crashing down.

Chances are if you have read twitter, facebook, or any internet media outlet in the last twelve hours, you know that Kanye West decided to jump on stage with Taylor, grab her microphone, and denounce her win in front of thousands of people. The proverbial “Taylor bash” was complete with a nod to Beyonce before the silenced winner, and the crowd watching from home, were ushered to commercial. My roommate and I sat there in complete shock…before that shock fizzled away to annoyance.

If I listened to Kanye West, I’d throw his albums away. Brash you say? Probably. Maybe it’s because I am a country fan but the 32 year old Kanye West proved (at least to me) just how much of a loser he has become during his run to fame. His jealousy, pettiness, and overall pathetic attempt to get his face on stage once again proved just how worthless the man is outside of a recording studio. I understand that to many, Kanye is a beloved performer and fantastic musician. But to me, he’s become just another Terrell Owens: a PR nightmare. West needs to learn to grow up, and maybe learn a little about tact in the process.

But as I press this issue, the actions of certain people cannot go unnoticed. From the audience, fellow nominee P!NK tweeted about her disdain for West, saying “Kanye West is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me”. The audience, along with help of course from my lovely and amazing roommates, continued to boo the mere mention of Kanye’s name for the remainder of the night. Everytime his name was spoken, there went another “boo!”

Fortunate,y a young actor who was presenting later in the show hailed Taylor Swift as a wonderful musician. Finally, when she took the stage as winner of Best Video of the Year, Beyonce once again showed her class by ushering Taylor Swift back on the stage to have the moment she should have had at the beginning of the show. Kanye left the show early: showing his cowardly nature and inability to “own up” to his childish mistakes.

All that, and Kanye’s purported apology aside, I think everyone here at UNH can learn a lesson from Kanye West and the 2009 Video Music Awards. If you have something to say: think about it before you say it. I’m a huge fan of people speaking their minds; self expression is the entire reason I joined the paper as a freshman. A lot of times in life you dislike someone, or something, and therefore want to speak out on it. But let’s all take a second, step back, and really think about the way its being done. Chances are the only person you’ll make a fool out of is yourself, so use caution when you decide to walk into controversial territory.

Oh and by the way, Kanye, guess what? I think Taylor Swift wholeheartedly deserved her video music award. She is gracious, talented, HUMBLE, and fresh. Where exactly is your moonman?