The World’s End Concludes Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

Dylan Rupptrecht

In the sci-fi comedy, The World’s End, British actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost finish out the three-part series director Edgar Wright established through Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, with the aptly named conclusion, The World’s End.

World’s End
Photo Provided by AP

Pegg and Frost, rarely seen in films minus the other, cap off the trilogy in the same ridiculous fashion abundant in the other two films. If you are worried about having to watch the previous two movies in this trilogy (though they are comedic jewels) to follow The World’s End, don’t be. Each film has absolutely no association to each other, with the exception of a Cornetto’s ice cream wrapper being featured in each film; thus the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy.

Pegg plays Gary King, who sets to reunite his old drinking pals from high school to remedy the failures of the night they audaciously attempted to hit all 12 pubs in their hometown, Newton Haven, for what they call “the Golden Mile”. 16 years has passed since the original beer crawl of their youth, and unlike the heavy reluctance his now matured adult pals show, King is over exuberant, in a somewhat sad way, about the prospects of round two of the golden mile. Just a few pubs in, the four other members of the party choose to abandon King early on his quest before the night takes a dramatic change when they discover the reasoning behind the unfamiliarity of their hometown.

It’s British, so the writing is witty and full of puns, and I must tip my hat off to the fluently choreographed fight scenes which trademark this trilogy. Whether you’re a fan of the trilogy, or you’re just getting introduced to it, The World’s End is full of witty humor, or not-so-witty humor to some, awesome fight scenes, and above all, ridiculousness.