The Weight of Gravity

Dylan Rupptrecht

Gravity hales audiences through visually stimulation and nail-biting suspense. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney give wonderful performances as they are virtually the only characters to watch for the bulk of the movie, with Bullock eventually taking a “one-man” show.

Photo Provided by AP
Photo Provided by AP

Going into Gravity, I was a little bit skeptical. I’ve seen abandoned-in-space movies before, and they are hit or miss for me. I didn’t want to sit through a slowly paced boring movie that focuses on existentialistic themes experienced by a single character. It wasn’t long into the movie that I detracted my skepticism and realized that this movie is unparalleled to any other outer space movie.Dr. Ryan Stone, played by Bullock, and veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky, played by Clooney, are members of a NASA engineering team working on one of their last missions before returning home on earth, when a Russian satellite is accidently destroyed. The resulting scrap metal causes massive destruction to their team. Consequently, Dr. Stone is taken away from the group, and with her body still flipping out of control, she is out of any other survivors’ line of vision.

With the tension extremely high, Kowalsky, the only other survivor, is able to use his jetpack to bring himself over to her. Losing communication with anyone from NASA, the only survival plan now is to get to a Russian escape pod with what little fuel remains in his jetpack and go from there.

Director Alfonso Cuaron brings to the table technically stunning visual effects that I have never experienced before. The camera moves around to give the spectator the sense of what floating in a field of antigravity would feel like, without actually making you feel dizzy.

Besides the interesting camera locomotion are the actual visuals themselves: earth and the stars etc., which are breathtaking. The pacing is incredible making this 90 minute film fly by, keeping the audience constantly on the edge of their seats.

When Bullock is asked to go solo on the screen for large portions of the movie, she delivers in maintaining, not demanding, our attention, as she goes from one seemingly impossible endeavor to the next.

Gravity is unlike any other movie I have seen, and quite frankly, deserves the praise it’s been receiving from everyone out there.