The Vow

Samantha Shinn

This movie is an emotional drama about the once-in-a-lifetime love between a husband and wife and the lengths that one will go to achieve happiness once again. A tragic car accident leaves a wife in a coma with serious memory loss and a husband counting on his love for her aims to help her remember that last five years.

The Vow was released February 10, 2012 by Screen Gems and Spyglass studios and directed by Michael Sucsy. This film is rated PG-13 for partial nudity, sexual content, and a car accident. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star in this film as Leo and Paige Collins, a happily married couple of four years who were in a terrible car accident that left Paige with no memory of the past five years.

After the accident, Paige wakes up from her coma thinking that she is still talking with her estranged family, engaged to a different man other than her husband, and that she was still in law school. Her husband, Leo, is heartbroken to realize that she does not know him and that she does not want to be with him, a “stranger.” After a couple months go by with no improvement to Paige’s memory, she moves back in with her parents and she and Leo start dating again.

This movie was a very emotional movie that has the audience crying one minute and laughing the next. The ending was not the typical “Happily Ever After” ending that one would think would happen for this film, but there is a sense of satisfaction over how things turned out. I recommend this movie to women, specifically, due to the romantic and dramatic nature of this movie.