The Vamps: “Wake Up”

Stephanie Conlon

On Nov. 27, the English pop quartet, The Vamps, released their second studio album named after the single “Wake Up.” Upon first glance, The Vamps read as any other boy band. Four teenage or early-twenties guys singing about relationships gone right and wrong – we all know those groups. While influences like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are certainly noticeable, The Vamps offer up so much for than cookie cutter pop in this hearty 15 track album.
Wake Up is anything but ordinary, and easily one of the most diverse pop records of the moment.

There is truly something for everyone on this record. Be it the rap hook in “Volcano- Silentó” that also features a string quartet back track, or the reggae infused “I Found a Girl”, this record continues to impress the deeper you get into it.

When compared to their first album, Meet The Vamps, which debuted back in 2014, there is a much different, more mature and experimental aspect of Wake Up that is a refreshing surprise. With their first record holding five top ten singles and a gold-selling status, Wake Up has a very bright future ahead of it.