The Ultimate Game Show Fills Dodds

Ryan Irons

Remaining students, who stayed on campus during the Labor Day weekend, gathered inside Dodd’s Auditorium to experience, Fear: The Ultimate Game Show, which was put on by the student run organization, SCOPE. Sean, from GP Entertainment, hosted the event with fear based trivia about phobias and much more.

The first contestants were Chelsea, Brayan, Emalina, and Heather who, for round 1, were team 1. Team 2 was represented by Sean, Brittany, Keith, and Victoria. The first question of the game read as follows: name this freak & what movie does he haunt you in? (A picture of Freddy Krueger was shown.) Answer: Freddy Krueger & Nightmare on Elm Street.

The contestant’s points were being kept by picking out fake bones out of the bone bin and displaying them to be counted. After answering a round of questions, each team had to choose a representative to be mummy wrapped in toilet paper. Team 2 started off with some trouble but quickly found a strategy to “wrap their mummy” quicker. Team 1 started with wrapping random portions of their mummy working from head to toe and won the first half of the round by quickly finishing the mummy. Team 2 won the other half of the round with creativity and style.

Team 1 started off the game strong but slowly fell behind, and team 2 ended up taking the game. For round 2, the host had trouble picking between two girls, so they held a tie breaker.

The question was “who can come up with the best pick up line?”  Contestant 1 said, “Excuse me miss, do you have a map, because I’m lost in your eyes.” Contestant 2 chose, “Are you from Tennessee, because you are the only ten I see.” The host turned to the crowd for their votes by judging who received the loudest applause. Contestant 2 took the tie breaker to participate in round 2.
For round 2, the contestants were asked to place a poncho on, because it could get messy. Sean, the host, bought out two potty training toilets and explained the rules to the contestants. “You may only use your face to dig through the chocolate and take out the four “chunks” that are placed inside.” Contestant 1 was a female and contestant 2 was a male. Contestant 1 took that round by using a quick thinking strategy to remove the “nuggets” from the potty training toilet. The crowd was in shock after watching the contestants dig through the chocolate because it looked more like something you’d find in a toilet. The crowd then up roared with claps and cheers when the contestants finally completed. An unknown member of the crowd shouted, “Eww, I’d never do that. I don’t care if it’s chocolate or not!” The host gave the two contestants money for winning the round and directed them to the nearest bathroom to clean up.

An empty night on campus soon turned to a night of laughter, while watching members participate in question rounds and many “get dirty” activities. If you were off campus, you missed out on a great activity.