The Train and Shuttle Connection here at UNH

The Charger Bulletin

By Jim Monahan Ph.D. Associatte Professor of Criminal Justice

Several years ago, a group of us wrote a proposal to provide a shuttle service to and from Union Station in New Haven for those willing to commute to New Haven via the train. Recently this has been approved, and we are in our second month. Lynn and I drive to the Madison Terminal and, within minutes, we board a Shoreline East train to New Haven, with three stops beforehand. Our morning ticket costs $2.00 each, do to AARP influence, and our evening ticket is part of a ten day pass, at $3.60 a ride.

A train is a whole other world of interesting and polite people- a very different experience from flying. The conductors Kevin, Topsey, Frank, and occasionally Mary Anne, are professional, courteous and friendly. They work in excess 12 hours per day.

Fellow train riders are from Yale, Yale Hospital, UNH, the city of New Haven, and private companies. One evening, I sat next to the Dean of the Yale Graduate School. Many faculty and staff from UNH are also riding the rails. UNH students are also with us.

The icing on the cake for me is our UNH shuttle drivers, Charlene and Bob. They are always punctual, friendly and refreshing, both coming and going. Usually the vans are full with upwards of 6-7 riders.

I commend Ron Quagliani for hiring such great shuttle drivers. It’s a real perk for all of us commuters.

I would urge all interested staff, students, and faculty on the shoreline to consider this welcome option.