The Spring 2015 USGA Candidates

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Hello my fellow members of the University of New Haven, I would like to take the time to introduce myself to you all. My name is Kayla Wallace. I am a junior studying Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology and I am running for USGA President. As a student, I have held multiple positions. Some of those positions include: Panhellenic Council President, USGA Senator, USGA House Representative, Sergeant at Arms for Delta Phi Epsilon and a USGA points committee member. These involvements on campus have created a love for this school and a feeling of belonging that I was not sure I could gain as a student eight hours away from my home.

I would like to help provide that same feeling of home to you as well. Whether you live two minutes down the road and commute here every day, are hours away such as myself, or if you are an international student, I want to help create an environment where you feel like UNH is your home. Within my positions here the past three years, I believe I have learned many things about UNH and its students that can help me understand the true needs of our students and the ability create a comfortable environment. I want this feeling of comfort to not only be for you to learn willingly within the classrooms each week but also where you can feel comfortable and accepted anywhere on campus.
After spending almost two years here at UNH without finding my place, I began my time as a house representative where my love for USGA was sparked. I had no idea there were so many clubs on campus and that there were so many different passionate people that cared about a multitude of different causes and interests. There is where I would like to start the improvement of involvement and the feeling of comfort throughout the student body.

As a current senator, I have had the opportunity to learn that even one person can stand up and speak, and their voice could change a vote that can give a person a position within USGA, give a club gold status or award money to an organization that has requested it. Those words may seem foreign to someone who has yet to experience USGA; however, those words affect all of us. What happens at USGA involves your money and your clubs that look to USGA to do the right thing. As Senator, I began to realize the power that USGA has been given and find that power, when used correctly, can do amazing things. Power has no use other than to help those who look to that power for guidance and aid. USGA is that power on campus and the more time I spent as a senator, the more I realized that I could help do something with it. With the help of all of those clubs, the house, the senate, we can together make the decision to harness the power given to us and have something truly worthwhile come of it.


As Panhellenic President, I have been given the opportunity to become a leader that I believe I am meant to be. I have successfully run my own meetings with the seriousness that it needs and with the fun that is desired. Business, though important, does not always have to be boring. I believe my approachable personality yet my passion for USGA will be the best mix to make meetings and working with me an environment where everyone may feel welcome to express their concerns or opinions. I envision USGA, were I to be president, to be a place where each opinion will be valued equally no matter the size of the club or the status of the person.

We all have one thing in common. For one reason or another we all chose UNH. That unites us. Let me lead you in helping to make that bond stronger, to foster a place where everyone feels accepted and a part of this ever improving campus full of experiential learning and opportunities to grow.

Hello UNH. I am James Kielar and I am running for the position of USGA President for 2015-2016. Just by reading this, you are showing that you care about the future of our University and how to get there. You know that you have a voice, and you plan on exercising that privilege. The decision you will soon be making regarding the next USGA President will not only directly affect you, but your best friends, classmates, teammates, as well as future UNH students. Whether you have considered it or not, we are one family; when push comes to shove, we will always be there for one other, we will always love each other, and we will always have each other’s shoulder to lean on. Family support keeps us strong; this strength keeps us moving forward. We are all UNH. We are all USGA.
My major is Fire Science; I am a member of the Class of 2016, and my dedication is to student government. I have the experience, skills, and mindset necessary to lead the Undergraduates in the right direction. This past year, I was appointed to the USGA Executive Board, where I currently serve as the Sergeant at Arms. Not only has this allowed me to grow as an individual, but as a leader as well. Having the privilege of being on the USGA Executive Board has given me the unique experience that I feel is necessary to take on the role of President.


I have been involved with USGA since my freshman year where our paths may have crossed. If we have not met, I look forward to bridging that gap and getting to know you. You may have seen me at the information desk or in the Office of Student Activities. I also competed in SCOPE’s Last Comic Standing, played RecSports, stayed Up Til Dawn with many of you, and organized UNH’s first petting zoo last year. I was Class of 2016’s Class President for our Freshman-Sophomore years.

As your USGA president, I hope, first of all, to encourage school spirit. You may feel school spirit is lame, but a quiet cheering section is even more lame. UNH is a smaller university, but I strive to have the enthusiasm and spirit of a large, top-10 university.

In order to create a stronger university family, I feel we need to bridge the divide that exists between different groups at UNH. The UNH experience should be inclusive to everyone; we need to equally involve international students, commuters, resident students, and students who feel they are on the outskirts of our college community, to make UNH a cohesive family that benefits from all we have to offer one another.

In addition, I feel that we need an improved communication system within our school. I believe there must be a more efficient way to relay essential information to students from the faculty and administration. The current burdensome number of emails discourages students from checking important information just because of the method of delivery.

I am pro-efficiency, pro-fairness, and pro-open-mindedness. I stick to my principles and will demonstrate if given the chance. I am not afraid to march to the beat of my own drum, and neither should you. Allow me to show what I have to offer the undergraduate student body. Thank you.

The main role of the USGA President is to be an example to the rest of the UNH community. This position involves being the voice of the students to the administration as well as to promote student involvement in USGA affairs. The president also is one of the resources that students or visitors at UNH can utilize if they have a particular question or if they need assistance. I believe I can represent New Haven students through my attention to detail, dedication to the task at hand, hardworking spirit, communication skills, open-mindedness, and ability to inspire others. My past experience and accomplishments at my community college as a student trustee prove my knowledge and competency for the position of student body president.

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My involvement on campus in USGA, athletics and an engineering professional society allows me to interact with a variety of students and reach out to learn about the issues that need attention. Within USGA, my active role as senator is looking proactively toward UNH’s future. In the SPACE committee, I have helped developed possible solutions that the university could take in aiding with programming venues. I have also shaped our committee to help UNH today. Looking for underutilized rooms and bringing them to everyone’s attention is crucial in ensuring that our growing organizations have spaces they can utilize. UNH creates unique experiences that set us apart from the typical university and I want to strengthen that momentum.

As a runner, I firmly believe that races are run individually but that championships are won by teams. I am open, accessible, and fair to all groups.

Currently, I am majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in chemistry and am ready to bring change to the UNH community.

In the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I believe, with conviction, that in order to bring lasting changes to the UNH community, one must be a strong proponent for its students. Their voices must be embodied and respected by the president in every action they take. I thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns for the well-being of the University of New Haven!


Annalisa Berardinelli, USGA Treasurer Candidate
My goals as treasurer are to simplify the treasurer processes and make it more understandable. I would do so by holding a forum for all of the treasurers and try to figure out the best way they want to see the information that is readily accessible to them already.
By making each treasurer more educated, they would then be more accountable for the funds in their accounts, thus more fiscally responsible. I encourage everyone to vote in these upcoming elections, and especially to vote for me!

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The Spring 2015 USGA Candidates