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The So-Called Insignificancies

Melanie Rovinsky

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Sometimes I am baffled by the amount of truth inherent in our society’s most cliché sayings. And although I would rather begin this article with a few clever words of my own, I cannot put this idea any simpler: Learn to appreciate the little things in life.

All too often, individuals live their lives dictated by landmark occasions: getting a driver’s license, attending prom, graduating from high school, graduating from college, getting a job, getting married, or having kids. In between, we find smaller milestones to get us from one day to the next: the upcoming weekend, the end of the semester, a trip to the beach, a favorite weekly TV show, or the day after a paper is due. But despite the joy we experience during each one of these moments, we still waste countless minutes, hours, days, and months simply counting down.

This past weekend, in an attempt to get in the holiday spirit and indulge in my love for chick flicks, I decided to watch The Holiday. Midway through my second viewing, I realized that the parts I was weeping over (yes, weeping) involved minor characters. I couldn’t believe that I was moved so deeply by individuals inserted into the movie solely for detail.

Sometimes the little things in life make the greatest difference. First kisses, good grades, and other life-altering moments rarely happen when we are expecting them. However, if we continue to live our lives fast forwarding through the seemingly unimportant days, there is no telling what we will miss.

I often forget that life shouldn’t be a timeline of events, but rather a collection of instances that define a particular person. And I cannot think of a better way to accumulate representations of myself, than to examine the details of my life in its messiest, most unpredictable state.

Have a safe and happy holiday break – and be sure to appreciate all the details!

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The So-Called Insignificancies