The Power of Control

Leeandre Richards

Why do we fight for something that is lost to us? Why do we work hard for a dream that is out of our reach? Some may say that it is because we want to control our lives. Control can either make us into the people that we are meant to be or it can break us down to our primal instincts. It is something that works behind the scenes and dictates our lives as if we are mindless creatures. For a person to have control over his/her life, then that person would be considered independent, which means that person is free to do whatever he/she wants. You are free from someone telling you what to do, when to do it, and leaving out the why you are doing that task. Some think that control is synonymous to power and power can guarantee you anything that you want.

The trick to control is that people may think that it is attainable, but it really isn’t. As human beings, we trick ourselves into thinking that we can have control because it can create meaning to our lives—it can make a terrible situation better or make a better situation worse. Our aspirations don’t always get us what we want so when that fails, we rely on divine intervention or some force to have control over the situation and correct the wrongs that were committed. Some people who do not have the power or wealth to instantly correct their troubles feel that they have been punished in some way, which isn’t true. Control can bring out the worst in us because we want that unattainable goal to the point that we destroy ourselves. For those who have troubles believe that this is okay because they witness other people that use control to make their lives better but what they don’t see are the consequences of those decisions. The darkness that grows because we want what we don’t necessarily need.

Money links power, prosperity, and control because it is that unattainable object that we all want but don’t necessarily need to be happy. If this world didn’t revolve around money, who knows what the world would be like and who knows if it would be better or worse than what we live in now. It is debatable that money has its advantages but does the disadvantages outweigh the advantages to the point that we contemplate if it is really worth it. This doesn’t mean that all is lost because we still have the freedom to make decisions, whether it is good or bad. We shouldn’t let a concept like control drive us to be the people that we are not proud of because then, we are failing the future generations.