The Other Plan B

Carole McFaddan

Jennifer Lopez’s new film The Back-Up Plan was merely a splash in the movie world this past weekend with Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon expecting to raise more in the box office than Lopez this weekend. The movie pulled in a 24% rating on Jenny from the Block’s plan B doesn’t seem to be looking for a top spot this season.

The Back-up Plan is an adult comedy exploring family, dating, love, and marriage – in that order.  After years of dating, Zoe (Lopez) has given up on finding the right man and has decided to start a family on her own. Via her Plan B, she’s inseminated. Much to Zoe’s dismay, she meets a guy almost immediately who could be Mr. Right (Alex O’Loughlin).

Testing Stan and his Mr. Right capabilities while trying to hide the early signs of pregnancy proves to be a comedy of errors for Zoe. After sending him constant mixed signals, Zoe reveals her secret and Stan, unaware of the upcoming tests and unprepared for the trials of fatherhood, fully commits.

Although filled with enough wit and laughter, from 3-way nights with a pregnancy pillow to date nights at a stranger’s birthing, the chaos in the film will stray future movie goers away!

The raging hormones and baby-to-be cold feet, means wait to rent it – don’t buy it.