The new look Opinions section

The Charger Bulletin Editorial Staff is made up of all the section and administrative editors that dedicate significant time to researching, writing and producing news stories across multiple platforms. This group will collectively have its own voice, but that will not be the voice of the whole paper. Our goal is to, using our own experiences and opinions, push further discussion on pressing issues on campus, in the country and in the world.

Editorials will appear without a byline to highlight the staff agreement on the piece to be published. We recognize the importance of conveying personal opinions and exercising our First Amendment rights, something that extends to anyone interested in having their opinions published in the paper.

In fact, we encourage you as readers to take a step further and use the platform available to you to share your opinions on topics that you find important. This is the student news source of the university, after all, and hence student voices are the backbone of our publication.

We only ask, as we ask of ourselves, that articles are supported by evidence and avoid any unwarranted harm.

As a reminder, the opinions spoken by individuals who submit to the paper are not reflective of the editorial board or the paper on the whole.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you in the coming year.