The Hazell Nut Café Reopens

Jenn Harrington

The Hazell Nut Café has reopened in Maxcy Hall with new features, including a pizza oven, expanded bakery section and an updated menu.

The Café is run by students from the Hospitality and Tourism program as part the university’s School of Business. It was named in honor of UNH Alum Jeffery Hazell, who supports the café as well as Jeffery’s Fusion Restaurant in Harugari Hall.

Dr. Juline Mills is the department chair for Hospitality and Tourism. Under her guidance, the students carry out every-day business practices in the café. Students hold managerial positions as well as fill staff positions. The students take part in staffing, selecting menu items, ordering, promotion and management. They are taking advantage of the university’s experiential education by gaining real world experience they can use in their future careers.

Sarah Pethybridge, sophomore at UNH, is the Hazell Nut Café Training Manager, and has been working since before spring semester started to ensure that the reopening of the Café would run smoothly. Along with Sarah was a management team of nine other students and Dr. Mills. The Charger Bulletin sat down with Pethybridge to discuss the reopening.

Charger Bulletin: What has been the most rewarding part of working with the café?

Sarah Pethybridge: I don’t know any other schools with a student run café on campus. It’s a good learning experience.

CB: What has been the most challenging part of your position?

SP: Making sure everyone knows everything about the café and making sure everyone is on the same page.

CB: How many students are staffed by the Café?

SP: There are about 12 people working in any given day. Management staff includes about eight people who are paid. Other staffers work in the café as part of their class grade and credit requirement. They are required to work eight hours per week in two separate four-hour shifts.

CB: What has changed in the café since it reopened?

SP: We’re still improving, but there is more variety to the café.

The Café is located in Maxcy Hall, right inside the main entrance. You can stop by to try some of their new food options during the week using Charger Cash. The Bakery opens at 8 a.m., and pizza is up and running by 11 a.m.