The Doctor Isn’t In…

The Charger Bulletin

I tossed and turned all night. I rubbed the tears and liquid from my eye. When I awoke at 9 a.m., I saw something horrible in the bathroom mirror. My beautiful hazel eye had turned into a disgusting glob of pink and goop.

I immediately knew it was pink eye. I quickly changed out of my pajamas and rushed to health services. The sooner I got those magical eye drops the sooner this infection would go away.

I walked in and was greeted right away.

“I think I have pink eye,” I said.

“Yeah, it appears you do,” the woman responded.

“I can’t write your prescription. Come back at 2 when the doctor is in.”

I left in a huff.

Why is health services open so early when they cannot provide me with the services I need? My illness was obvious. It was diagnosed on the spot, but I had to wait five hours until I could get the prescription I so desperately needed. I had to wait until the doctor was in to get what I needed.

Maybe they should have more than one doctor that could share the hours and patients throughout the day. That way, there would be a doctor during all hours of operation. Doctors come from other hospitals or offices to work at our health services for a few hours a day. Maybe it could be possible to hire a permanent doctor that only works for the university.
By the time the doctor was in at 2, there were so many sick students crammed into the little waiting room. Students end up sitting and waiting during the whole three hours that the doctor is in. It doesn’t make much sense. There needs to be more hours that students can receive medical attention.

-Chelsea Fowler, Staff Writer