The Dilemma

Cora St. Marie

There could be no better title for this movie, especially since it involves Vince Vaughn’s character Ronny, who is faced with the problem that he has to find a way to tell his best friend Kevin James’s character Nick that his wife is cheating on him with another man.

After seeing his best friend’s wife, Winona Ryder (Geneva), with another man, the whole movie is focused around the themes of friendship and what lengths people go to be honest with one another. However, Ronny does not tell anyone else about this affair that Geneva is having but instead takes the situation into his own hands. His character is stubborn, but has good intentions about finding the rational way to go about helping out his friend.

The movie progresses with situation involving the two best friends carrying out their professional lives, developing engines, and expanding their romances. It’s not until the very end of the when everything that things get very shaky because Ronny is forced to make a decision.

I personally appreciate a movie that deals with questions like these in particular. How does a person go about handling a tough situation that could make or break years of friendship? Do you keep something like this to yourself? Do you disguise the situation? Or do you flat out just tell your best friend what’s wrong and only hope for the best?

These are the type of questions that the character Ronny is faced with, and audiences of this movie will appreciate how the story plays out.

The Dilemma is highly recommended if you are looking for a great comedy to enjoy.