The Charger Compact

The Charger Bulletin

Have you see
the signs on campus and wondered what the following statements are about?


I will strive for academic


I will assume responsibility for
my words and actions. 


I will respect the dignity,
rights and property of all persons.


I will strive to appreciate and learn from others whose experiences and

     opinions are different than mine.


I will conduct my academic and personal life with integrity.


I will strive to contribute positively
to the campus, local and global communities.


As a University community, there are values and expectations that we all
share which provide the framework for how we interact as individual members of
the community and speak to who we are and what we stand for as a community.

A committee of students, faculty and staff has been working since the fall
of 2007 to develop such a statement of values for UNH. Upon receiving the
support of the USGA, the committee looked at honor codes and campus creeds from
a number of colleges and universities and developed a set of statements for the
student body to consider. Focus groups which included athletes, club and
organization members and representatives from each residence hall met in
February and March 2008, to discuss and provide feedback on the statements.
After receiving the focus group responses, the committee then further refined
the statements to the six which you have seen on campus for the last few

We have named our statement of University values the Charger
.  We invite students to
participate in student facilitated conversations about what the statements mean
to you.    It is our hope that the Charger Compact, once
completed, will define how we interact as a community. 

The committee invites your feedback and comments about the six
statements we have developed to date. Reply by email to: [email protected].