The Chainsmokers Change Up Their Sound on “Memories… Do Not Open”


On April 7, popular EDM/pop duo The Chainsmokers released their debut album, Memories…Do Not Open. The album encompasses the sound that the duo has become known for through their EP and various singles throughout the years. The album itself features several of the duo’s singles, such as “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, and “The One.”

The album’s name accurately depicts the feelings that come with the album’s emotional songs. These emotional songs can bring up painful memories to anyone who listens as they are skillfully crafted with the perfect balance of raw emotion and mesmerizing music.

The album’s singles all bring up different emotions at different points throughout the album.

“The One,” which starts off the album, deals with the feeling of being in a relationship but not feeling like you are right for your partner no matter how hard you try and knowing that the relationship will not last forever. This song starts off soft and slow but quickly gains a bassline in the background to turn the song into more of a dance track. The lyrics bring up the person’s flaws as they openly admit being “caught up in” their “own selfishness.” In addition to these lyrics, it is included that they feel “pathetic.”

The Chainsmokers’ collaboration with Coldplay, “Something Just Like This,” takes a different approach to relationships where it is reiterated that one does not have to be perfect in a relationship, they merely have to be there for their partner. The song starts off by listing famous figures who were all powerful and confident to which the lyrics fire back, “clearly I don’t see myself upon this list.” These lyrics show the same insecurity of “The One,” yet the song takes another approach as the person’s partner tells them that they do not need to be like those famous figures, they just need to be there for them.


The album’s other single, “Paris,” is a much more unifying song than “The One,” similar to “Something Just Like This,” yet the song manages to be the most upbeat of all three singles. The song deals with the past as it repeatedly makes use of the phrase, “we were…” The lyrics also reference that this couple has probably broken up, yet these two people are determined to continue to support each other which is exactly what should be seen in a healthy relationship, even after a breakup. The lyrics constantly reference what people will say about them, but that they will go down together, not alone, which shows their continued support for each other.

The album continues to include songs which stay true to their typical sound as they usually release upbeat dance tunes which address heavier topics than most dance tracks. For example, the track “Honest” has an upbeat feel to it while the lyrics deal with the fact that this person has a lot of things wrong with them (specifically that they are interested in multiple people while seeing one specific person). The person repeatedly says, “I’m being honest” to back up all of the things they need to get off their chest.

A difference with this album from The Chainsmokers’ typical track releases is that some of the tracks include spoken audio in the beginning or end of a track. The duo has not done this for their big hits in the past yet have included this addition to multiple songs on their new album.

The album shows that The Chainsmokers have truly found their sound as they have fallen into mesmerizing dance tracks with heavy lyrics to follow. The album only shows the duo to be incredibly talented and is definitely worth listening to, perhaps on repeat.