The 2010 Pro Bowl: An Epic Failure

Tom Chieppo

For the first time, the NFL is holding it’s Pro Bowl game in the same location where Super Bowl 44 will be held Sunday Feb. 7 in Miami, Florida. The Aloha State held the Pro Bowl for thirty years, and it will not be seen in the tropical state like everyone hoped. Instead, of having the Pro Bowl after the big game, it will be held a week before. No free trips to Hawaii for the player’s and their families this year.

This is one of Roger Goodell’s worst moves as the NFL Commissoner. Money talks! Goodell’s idea of having this event, a week before is to have higher ratings, and make more money. In essence, money and higher ratings aren’t the only reason to have a Pro Bowl: it’s to showcase more young talent. Chris Johnson isn’t bad, but you have veterans like Tom Brady, and Phillip Rivers injured, limiting the playing scope. Goodell is so focused on getting higher quality, and this decision may drive up the ratings a little bit.

Above all else, this doesn’t make any sense. Why are we having the Pro Bowl to begin with? The NFL is unique and doesn’t need an all-star game. The last situation Goodell needs is to have player’s get injured and head to the offseason being hurt.

Overall, the Pro Bowl is a learning experience for the young player’s to make a bigger name for themselves. The game is so meaningless because the players will only think about the grand stage and that is winning a Super Bowl Championship.

Will Goodell fix the Pro Bowl, or get rid of it once and for all?

We will all find out soon.