That New Black Eyed Peas Song is Terrible but I Am Having the Time of My Life

Matt DiGiovanni

Watching the Super Bowl this weekend was a great experience! Regardless of the fact that I don’t particularly care for the Packers, the Steelers, or football in general, I really enjoyed the quality time spent with my friends. With all the snow lately, I’ve been spending a lot more time than would usually be possible with friends, and the Super Bowl party at my condo turned out to be the culmination of all the time spent together.

This weekend began with me heading home for a friend’s birthday, a somewhat bittersweet moment since I like spending my time at UNH, but I will concede that it was still awesome to be home. Then, Sunday morning I headed back up to jolly old West Haven from New Jersey and got back to my condo just in time to start making some awesome food! The menu for the day consisted of guacamole, chili, Brie cheese in puff pastry, spinach dip in a bread bowl, homemade pizza rolls, and cupcakes! We may have taken it a little over the top but who cares? The food was delicious!

Watching the game itself was a little stressful since everyone around me was rooting for Green Bay, the team that decided to take a commanding lead early only to throw it away a little later. Granted, the Packers never lost the lead, but it sure was frustrating watching that lead shrink throughout the game. The greatest part about the Super Bowl is that the stress and frustration it causes is relieved by fun built in an event: a little thing called the half time show!

This year’s half time show featured the Black Eyed Peas who, until their most recent album, were doing pretty well in the world of music. I’ll leave the detailed review of their Super Bowl performance to Dave Iannacone in his feature this week (page 15) but in my opinion, it left a lot to be desired. Auto tune was ever present, Fergie kept shrieking, and Usher descended from the sky halfway through the performance. I’ll give them awesome visuals but overall, this year’s performance was lackluster.

In the end, Green Bay pulled out the win becoming the victors of the 45th Super Bowl with a score of 31 -25 and kept my friends happy, ending the weekend on a good note! Good friends and good food almost always equals good times, and this weekend was no exception. I may dislike the new Black Eyed Peas album and the song “The Time” but their lift of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” has so far summed up my time at UNH. I look forward to having more great times in my remaining time here!