Thanksgiving Break – You Know What That Means!

Matt DiGiovanni

This time comes every year, that return to school after the long Thanksgiving break when Winter break feels oh so close, but we’re not quite there yet. There’s still a month left in the semester, and this can be a little problematic if you check out early. Now is not only the time to prepare for the holidays or make Winter break plans, it’s the time to take stock of how exactly your classes are all going and prepare for the end of the semester and finals. Are you struggling with a class or trying to figure out what you should be doing to ready yourself? Stressed out and don’t know quite what to do? UNH has plenty of people and places that are here to help.

Classes end on December 12, which, at the time this paper came out, means there are exactly eight days of classes left. Doesn’t really sound like a lot, but I guarantee we can all look forward to some due dates on projects and some tests, all of which will conveniently fall during the same day/week because, after all, that’s just what happens! Now would be a great time to take stock and figure out what you already have finished or planned out and what you might need some help with. At this point you can still meet with your professor to get help with a concept, or in some cases, head to the TA or the CLR. Don’t want to do any of that? There’s usually someone in your class who will be able to help; give that a shot! Another student’s perspective might be just what you need to understand something difficult.

Are you stressed out, or do you “plan” on getting stressed out over the next few weeks? Don’t let that happen; it never helped anyone! Up until the last day of classes, there are still going to be all sorts of fun club and organization events around campus; so take a break from driving yourself crazy and have some fun instead. Read a bit about what SCOPE has planned for the rest of the week in “SCOPE It Out!” on page three for a few of these opportunities.

Beyond that, don’t forget to use your own personal outlets for stress busting. I know for me that means sitting down and listening to some tunes or maybe playing some video games, just to remove myself a little bit and take my mind off of whatever it is that’s stressing me. Don’t let stress bog you down, especially by saying, “I don’t have time to do that, I have to work/study all day.” I don’t think anyone can effectively study for an entire day without taking some breaks; so do the right thing and plan to take a few breaks here and there.

I wish everyone the best of luck going into the end of the semester. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving festivities and time off from classes, and that you are all ready to make that last little push to make it to the end. Have a great rest of the week!