Thank You!

So this is my last ever article as the USGA President. To be perfectly honest, I never really liked writing these articles and I can not count the number of times that Celina had to remind me that I had to write my article. So I want to say Thank you to Celina and the entire Charger Bulletin staff for putting up with me and my articles being so late. I would like to say thank you to the Yearbook staff and SCOPE for all of their hard work over the last year.
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Greg, Lisa, and Dean Johnson, you have always been there when I needed something and were always supportive towards me and the USGA; Thank you. To my executive board, you have all been there to tell me my ideas were bad, bring up new ones, and were there to encourage me all along the way. For that, I thank you.

However, most importantly I would like to thank the student body. You were the ones who put me in this position and trusted me and my judgment. Nobody can do this job without the support of the students and over the last two years you have all made it easier for me. The flood of ChargerVoice concerns may look on the outside like the students don’t really like it here, but I saw it as the students caring enough to submit those concerns and are looking to improve this university. I hope that everyone was satisfied with the job I did and I wish you all the best of luck. So to every single person at this institution, good bye and thank you!