Terrible movies that you should watch immediately

A movie with negative ratings can come from poor acting, a weak story or faulty production. Here are 10 movies that didn’t get positive reviews or plummeted at the box office, but are still pleasurable despite the guilt that may ensue.

“Batman & Robin”

When looking at the entirety of the “Batman” franchise, Joel Schumacher’s 1997 “Batman and Robin” almost seems like a parody. At first glance, the film has a lot going for it, with a star-studded cast as well as the inclusion of infamous villains Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane. However, this caused incredibly high expectations for fans that the movie could not meet.

Throughout, Batman and Robin are seen fighting with each other more often than the villains. While some of Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze’s background was offered, their story arcs often revolved around trying to split the bond of the two heroes.

Still, this movie has the villains, (occasional) action and nostalgia that all “Batman” movies should have.

“The Kissing Booth”

Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth” franchise hit the streaming service in 2018. The movie series centers around the high school friendship of Elle Evans, played by actress Joey King, and Lee Flynn, played by Joel Courtney. Elle gets into a relationship with Lee’s older brother, Noah, but it must remain a secret because of the made-up rules of friendship that Elle and Lee created as children.

This is a classic high school rom-com with way-too-old actors, unrealistic party scenes and extremely bad dialogue. There are many cringe-worthy moments that’ll make you question how healthy the friendship between the main protagonists really is. That being said, none of those elements stopped the first film from being one of the most-watched movies of 2018.

“Treasure Planet”

It seems rare that a Disney movie would not succeed in theaters, but this 2002 film did not break even, causing a $74 million loss. This animation feature follows Jim Hawkins as he embarks on a treasure hunt across space in a steampunk version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.” The movie is an exciting and heartfelt story. There isn’t a solid explanation as to why the movie did so poorly at the box office.

“Crawl” received mixed reviews upon its 2019 summer release. This thriller takes place in Florida where Kaya Scodelarios’s character, Haley, goes searching for her father as a hurricane strikes. The storm causes a rise in water levels, exposing the characters to a pack of alligators. Trying to flee from a monstrous animal may seem like an overused concept by now, but “Crawl” is a surprisingly entertaining movie. While slow in the beginning, tensions rise in the second, grotesque half of the movie.

“Percy Jackson & the Olympians”

Book-to-film adaptations can be a hit or a miss, and unfortunately, this adaptation as Rick Riordan’s best-selling series was a miss. The main reason it received such backlash was because of how different it was from the novels. Not only were many plot points different, but some aspects of the modern fantasy world that Riordan created were changed, and the characters who were meant to be 12-year old were played by adults.

When looking at the movie as a stand-alone film rather than an adaptation, it is a good watch. It still offers a solid look at Greek mythology, fight sequences and comedy.

“Grease 2”

It is almost expected that “Grease 2” couldn’t compare to the original story. Set in the 1960s, this musical follows another class of Pink Ladies and T-Birds at Rydell High School. The songs definitely aren’t as well-known and the characters aren’t as memorable but “Grease 2” accomplished the job of any musical to offer the viewer an escape from reality and provide catchy songs to get stuck in your head.

“Alice Through the Looking Glass”

Tim Burton and Disney teamed up to create live-action movies of “Alice in Wonderland.” “Alice Through the Looking Glass” is the second movie, and while Alice is still the protagonist, the movie focuses on the Mad Hatter and Red Queen. Although it is interesting to see more backstory for these characters, there was too much going on between navigating Wonderland and the new element of time travel.

Nonetheless, the movie offers beautifully made visuals and encompasses the oddness of Wonderland. Even if the plot may seem to be scattered, the world-building and performances of Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway make up for it.

“Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace”

Chronologically, the “Phantom Menace” is the first movie in the “Star Wars” saga. Like the other prequel movies, “Episode One” brings a different atmosphere to the series than the others. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the prequel movies exist in a time prior to Darth Vader’s first appearance along with different planets being introduced. However, some of the aspects of these new planets, such as Jar Jar Binks, seemed unnecessary and childish. I would say that the only upside to this movie were the on-screen performances from Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor as well as the intensity of the lightsaber battles.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise is widely loved, but the fifth movie in the series didn’t quite receive the same praise as its predecessors. This is because of the film not carrying the same wit and adventure as the original movies. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is the face of the franchise and this movie continued his story by portraying him like a worn-out pirate. This stole the liveliness from the character and ultimately, dulled the movie.

Even though the story and new characters weren’t as compelling to viewers, this movie provides another chance to be back in the world of “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


In “Armageddon,” an asteroid is predicted to hit Earth, so a crew of drillers is sent to space in hope of destroying the asteroid. While many of the logistics and action sequences are unrealistic, this movie didn’t aim for believability. It was meant to be as chaotic as one imagines Armageddon to be, and it was meant to feature many cool, space explosions, and it did just that. This movie is two and a half hours good for space visuals, action and terrible one-liners from famed actors Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Steve Buscemi.