Tell a Story, Follow your Passions

We go through our lives gaining a variety of experiences that help us write our stories. We want to tell these stories. Each day we live gives us a new opportunity to add to our stories. If you find yourself wishing you had more experiences to share, take the opportunities to experience more. Add on to your story for you are its only author.

As a member of the Class of 2020, I have asked myself, “What has made you happy about your time here?”

My answer is this: The Word of the Day from freshman year, the friends that I have made, the stories that I get to tell, and the growth I have seen in myself and others. I recommend that you ask yourself the same question and reflect on your experiences. Your past will help guide you into the future. The future is full of unwritten stories just waiting to be told. Look toward tomorrow because tomorrow will become today.

According to the Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right. But what is happiness? Happiness, I believe, is a feeling one gets when they feel at peace with what they are experiencing, a feeling that touches one’s soul. Everything that you do should be done because it makes you happy.

When it comes to the job that you do after graduating, do something that you love, something you are passionate about. I keep hearing, “Do your time. Pay off your loans. Once you’ve done that, then feel free to do whatever you want.” Why can’t I pay off my loans doing something I am passionate about?

Follow your passions, let the fire burn within and blaze your own trail. Before you let yourself fall into something you are not passionate about, know what makes you smile, what makes you feel good inside, what makes that fire burn. Use your passion to tell your stories to others. Let your voice be heard, and your presence known. Let your stories become legends. Even if life is messy and you find yourself “doing time,” look for the good that will come. Even a mess can become a work of art. All it takes is a little perspective. Leave an impact on our community, tell your story and then write the next chapter.