Team USA combines old and new brand deals for 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off in Beijing this month, and while the focus will always remain on the performance of each country’s athletes, our representatives’ wardrobe choices also serve as an item to build each country’s image over the course of the Olympics.

For American Olympic athletes, their image is held at high value. Snowboarding icon and five-time Olympian Shaun White took to social media to display an entire floor covered in gear given to him to wear throughout his time competing in China. He even discussed the specific outfit that American athletes are expected to wear while receiving their medal on the podium. America’s image is seriously considered when dressing its athletes.

Ralph Lauren has been the official Team USA outfitter for the past 14 years, and has returned for another Olympic Games. All of such clothing was notably made in the U.S.

On Ralph Lauren’s site, you can find a number of items in this year’s connection designed for Team USA, including attire for the opening and closing ceremonies. The opening ceremony attire designed for this year exhibits a type of recycled fiber created using post-consumer plastic bottles in a motion to make Olympic wear more eco-friendly.

The advancements of the company’s technology can also be observed in the new Villagewear Jacket, which uses Skyscrape Intelligent Insulation in order for the material to expand in lower temperatures for greater heat retention.

A new collaboration deal that is gaining much traction this year is that from Kim Kardashian’s very own Skims clothing company, which has now released a new Olympic athlete line. Kardashian’s shapewear company became the official undergarment outfitter for the team prior to the summer 2021 events, and this year’s Olympics in Beijing marks the first winter events of this brand deal. In honor of the games, Skims has released what they are calling their new capsule collection to be sported by athletes this February.

Skims x Team USA’s entire collection can be found on, a lineup for which Kardashian said, “Our collection of lounge and sleepwear was designed with these inspiring women in mind, and I’m so proud that Olympic and Paralympic athletes will be wearing Skims again during their down time.”

Both Ralph Lauren’s and Skim’s designs, alike, focus heavily this year on a theme of color-blocking, adding a geometric ambiance to the ensemble of this year’s Team USA image.