Taylor Swift Has a New “Reputation”


Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

The wait of teasers and clues is over as Taylor Swift has dropped her sixth studio album Reputation which came out on Friday Nov 10. Since its debut, the album has sold over 1 million physical copies and is number one on iTunes. Swift continued her trend of witholding her music from streaming services, only making her album available for sale for its first week, selling over a million copies according to Variety.

With no deluxe edition of the album, Reputation contains fifteen songs.  The album itself applies vocal effects that are uncharacteristic of Swift’s signature sound over rather interesting beats. One of the tracks sound like her older songs, and the new songs are not as good as expected.

Prior to the release of Reputation, Swift released four songs as singles: the infamous “Look What You Made Me Do,” “..Ready For It?!,” “Call It What You Want,” and “Gorgeous.” Each song contains different themes which reappear throughout the album.

After its release, “Look What You Made Me Do,”the first single off the album, got people wondering what Swift’s new album would be like. The song was good overall: that is, until the chorus hits and leaves you asking why Swift chose to sample “I’m Too Sexy.”

“..Ready For It?!,” “Call It What You Want,” and “Gorgeous” showed more promise compared to  “Look What You Made Me Do” for most listeners. Swift has a partnership with AT&T and DirecTV for Taylor Swift NOW. As part of the series, there are videos which show the making of several songs off of the new album. On AT&T’s YouTube page, fans can watch the beginning  to the final steps of Swift’s process of writing “Gorgeous.”

“End Game” is the only song on the album to feature a collaboration, with Future and Ed Sheeran. After the first listen, it shows the new sound Swift is going for with this album.

Many songs on this album play around with vocal effects in ways Swift has not done before, reminiscent of EDM and techno music. “I Did Something Bad,” is a prime example of this. “Delicate” also has the same play with vocal effects, but is a slower song. It sounds like some of her older work from 1989.

“King Of My Heart” starts off good and innocent, but takes a quick turn downhill. Nearly twenty seconds in, these EDM-type effects come in and ruin the song. The effects are also not being used properly. “Look What You Made Me Do” might be better than “King Of My Heart” just because after listening, the effects feel out of place.

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied” and”Dress” are other songs with an interesting EDM/ techno beat.  If Swift stuck to songs with her guitar and a piano, that would be better than the songs on this album.

Fans have mixed reviews of the album, as some love it and others are preferring her older music over this. On JustJared’s website, there is a poll for people to vote for their favorite songs off the album. Currently, “Getaway Car” has the most votes and “I Did Something Bad” has the second most votes.

“Getaway Car” sounds like some of her past songs and fans are speculating who the song was written about. “Don’t Blame Me” starts off slow and then picks up by the chorus. The chorus itself is promising and the song is catchy.

“So It Goes” and “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” both have darker lyrics compared to Swift’s typical lyrics. The ending of “So It Goes” also feels like there should be more to the song once it’s done.

The album ends with “New Year’s Day”with Swift on the piano and is probably the best song off this album. Hopefully, since the album ends with something that is slower and like the old Swift, this is just a preview of her next album.