Tay Jardine Summons all her “Weird Kids” out to the Glamour Kills Tour

Ashley Winward

Being from Putnam County, New York, I consider We Are The In Crowd to be a bunch of hometown heroes to me.

We Are The In Crowd (Photo provided by Ashley Winward/Charger Bulletin photo)
We Are The In Crowd (Photo provided by Ashley Winward/Charger Bulletin photo)

Just over into the next county in Poughkeepsie, I’ve watched Tay Jardine and the guys grow up from playing acoustic sets in the Glamour Kills warehouse to headlining their own tour with their second studio album Weird Kids this past year.

Their sound is that perfect blend of cute romantic pop and headbanging punk that will forever suit my every mood. Getting to sit down with the beautiful Jardine, who has been a role model for me the past few years, was an amazing experience that made me look up to her even more.

In the three year break between their debut album, Best Intentions, and the new release, an army of “Weird Kids” have risen up in the scene to much the surprise of their tiny brunette leader.

“The whole, ‘Weird Kids’ thing was never meant to be like a title; it was just this theory that we always saw our fans as that” Jardine explained. “We just did our meet and greet and kids come up and there’s just so many strange personalities and it’s so endearing and so inspiring in a way. I think that’s what it really came from. We all have weird things about us right? Just hang out with me for a while and you’ll be like ‘Wow this girl is crazy!’”

With “weird” shirts and all the words memorized, fans have been flocking out to hear some of the newer singles like “Manners” and “Best Thing (That Never Happened).” However, this was not the initial reaction for the album; it, in fact, took about eight months before it really took off.

“I think we’re just seeing a response. I mean, that’s not clear. When we released the record, we were touring on it that same month so people didn’t know it. So we were playing the new songs and people were like…we were touring on it two weeks before it came out. People were filming and were shrugging their shoulders like, “I guess this is new!” So it was hard to gauge reactions. Then on

Warped Tour it was even more difficult because Warped Tour is just one of those tours that people come out to…go to Warped Tour. It’s not really your tour, so that’s also sort of strange to gauge. So now, we’re seeing everyone singing along to the new songs and it’s weird because it’s been eight months but it all seems very new; it’s very strange how that worked out but I guess it’s just scheduling and all.”

When the lineup for the Glamour Kills fifth annual Fall Tour was announced, seeing Tay and the crew on the bill really was no surprise to me. Actually, I felt like it was a long time coming!

Seeing as many of the band have modeled Marky’s clothes for the website and they’re constantly out in the brand that currently promotes fans to “Create. Destroy. Rebuild.” It was a perfect fit.

“We’ve known Marky for so long; it’s such a family based thing to us. Even growing up in the Poughkeepsie scene, before they moved into the city they were based out of our town, it was right there. So it was a brand that he created this culture for some bands and music that took off like crazy. It was something that our band, as we grew up, could look forward to; it was an image. Now it’s just developing into something way cooler. It’s just that familiar hometown vibe that we love.”

Once their set started, I was reminded yet again why I look up to We Are The In Crowd. Even after seeing them five times prior, I felt like I was seeing them perform with new energy like it was the first time. Jardine has a stage presence that is commanding yet not boastful. She loves to get involved with her fans and she nearly bounces off the wall with excitement.

As an MTV artist to watch, We Are The In Crowd, in my opinion, can continue their skyrocketing success to a wider fanbase, and they, by all means, deserve it!