Tammy Pescatelli Wows Small Crowd

Miriam Correia

Did you know that the top selling item in the United States at this time is the Snuggie? It was this, among other life lessons, that Tammy Pescatelli entertained a small audience of UNH students with on Thurs. Sept. 17. Tammy Pescatelli is a comedian who was a finalist on The Last Comic Standing, has had her own Comedy Central Presents, and has been on the road all across the United States. She knows how to hold her own against others in the business and also has thirteen years of experience in the comedy world.

She talked about her own personal “Save a Hoe Project” and tried to teach the females of the audience not to be male targets in her own comical manner. Tammy also taught about the Law of Relativity, if you do something, one of your relatives will get hurt. She has her own segment of the show called “What the hell is wrong with you?” in which she addresses the common issues we face every day. The chubby girl in the half shirt and the “skinny but mean, because they’re hungry” models were only the beginning of this segment.

She went on to talk about the silly little things that stick in her head.  For one, the toothless prostitute: she must have tons of confidence to actually keep prostitution as a career and have no teeth. Another is the pimp on a bicycle: enough said.

In my opinion, she was very funny and more people should have been there.  My advice: come out and see the entertainment that the school provides because more often than not, it will be enjoyable and since it’s free, it’s definitely worth it. I’m sure glad I went!