Taliban Attacks NATO’s Fuel Trucks

Michael Kelly

On October 4, 2010, U.S and NATO forces were attacked by Pakistani Taliban militants, which were carrying fuel in several of their tankers. The militants surrounded the trucks at a truck stop on the outskirts of Islamabad with automatic gunfire.

NATO forces lost 20 trucks, each of which went up in flames. They also had four people killed in action, and seven were injured in this attack. A few hours later in the southwest of Pakistan, more gunmen attacked two other NATO trucks and killed the driver.

There have been several attacks in Pakistan, which has put the main border on high alert. Last week there were more threats from the Pakistani Taliban, who were saying they were going to blow up more supply lines. The United States and NATO do have alternative supply routes in Afghanistan, and they plan on changing routes even if they lose more trucks.

Pakistani Taliban forces are striking supply lines to gain more media attention than normal, and it makes the mission in Afghanistan appear vulnerable. These attacks on NATO forces seem to be the work of criminals that want revenge on the United States.