Take Care of Yourself and Each Other

Joann Wolwowicz

This past week was a difficult week for the University of New Haven. With the different situations that occurred on and around campus, everyone was shaken up by reality. As the university stands together in support of each other, I think many students have realized how precious life is now and how quickly things can change. In times like these, especially if you were personally affected by the situations, look towards your friends, family, and the university’s resources for support and comfort.

With that being said, it’s time to address the fact that we all need to start looking out for one another. Take care of yourself and each other, because this campus is your home and the students here your family for four years and beyond. Keep each other on track when it comes to school work and classes. If your roommate or friend isn’t going to class repeatedly, push them to go. If they aren’t doing homework, handing assignments in, or studying for tests, push them to work harder for the education they are paying for. The same goes for some life decisions people chose to make; don’t let your friends do dumb things. Be smart! Sure this is college; you are supposed to have fun, but there is a limit to the extent of the fun you have. Choices you make now can positively or negatively affect your future. Choice wisely!

My next area of interest is campus safety. I like to believe that campus is relatively safe here. Of course some people disagree, but overall I feel safe walking here. But remember that if you need to walk somewhere at night, in an unsafe area, or just feel uneasy about any situation or place you are in, call for help. There is always safety in numbers. Never ever walk alone at night, because anything can happen, especially if you are walking off campus or in the surrounding areas. Many people make this mistake when walking to areas that are close by, either to Shop Rite or even Forrest Hills. Ask your friends to walk with you, make use of the shuttle and courtesy van services, and be aware of where the blue boxes are on campus. These resources are here to keep students safe at all times. Just because you think that the walk you have to take alone at night is short and nothing can happen, remember that anything can go wrong; it is better to be safe than sorry.

And lastly, I know that I have really come to appreciate the people I have in my life now more than ever, especially after this week. I am thankful for the safety of my friends and family, and I know others are as well. So take the time to tell those that you love that you love them, resolve petty differences with people you may be feuding with, and reconnect with those you have lost contact with. Cherish the memories that you have and the memories you will make in the future. And most importantly, keep each other safe and on track in life.