“A Star is Born” Shines at Box Office

“A Star is Born” Shines at Box Office

Sean McGuire, Contributing Writer

October 24, 2018

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Lady Gaga made her debut as a main character in a feature length film and it is arguably her best performance ever. The film, as of Oct. 14 has made $136.2 million worldwide since its release on Oct. 5. “A Star is Born” has been made three times. This version tells the classic story of an acco...

‘Til It Happens To You

Samantha Higgins

September 23, 2015

Filed under Opinion & Editorials

I have never been a big fan of Lady Gaga; sure, I would sing along to her music on the radio, but as far as her as a person, I felt like she went too far just to get a little attention. However, with how many people look up to her on a daily basis I completely admire the fact that she is using her celebrity...

The Sound of Music is still heard 50 years Later

Ben Atwater

April 29, 2015

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This year at the Oscars, Lady Gaga performed a medley of songs from the 1965 film The Sound of Music to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the movie. Hearing Lady Gaga’s rendition instantly brought to mind how timeless and influential songs such a “Climb Every Mountain” and “Goodbye” are. After t...

Lady Gaga honors a timeless classic

Ashley Winward

February 25, 2015

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As I sat at my television, hands covering my eyes, I have to admit I was terrified. When I heard that Lady Gaga was performing at all, I was generally concerned but to hear that she would be honoring a classic had me preparing for the worst. I’m not saying that Lady Gaga is a terrible performer—q...

The Diva Battle is ON!

Dave Iannacone

April 20, 2011

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In this day and age, it is pretty rare that an epic chart battle is in the cards. However, this week it seems like the stars have aligned and the battle is on! This time, we see the battle of divas, with arguably the four biggest female forces in pop music on three different songs pinned against each...

A Little Positivity

Dave Iannacone

March 30, 2011

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I think it’s important to take a step back from time to time and simply observe what’s going on in the music world. Outside of the obvious trends, one that I picked up on was the recent craze of positive, self-love tracks. Between Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way," Katy Perry’s "Firework," Ke$ha’s...

Born To Make History

Dave Iannacone

February 23, 2011

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Love her or hate her, there is little denying that Lady Gaga’s new single "Born This Way" was one of the most talked about and anticipated releases of 2011 thus far. Pretty much as soon as the song was released, the buzz grew exponentially thanks to its too-close-for-comfort similarities with Madonna’s...

The Never Ending Album Project

Dave Iannacone

November 17, 2010

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The idea of re-releasing an album is far from a new one. For years, repackaging and slightly altering the tracklist has been a brilliant way to keep interest in an album project. Artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna have seen massive success by using this formula. However, in recent years the trend has...

Lady Gaga Wins Big at MTV Europe Music Awards

The Associated Press

November 10, 2010

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MADRID – Lady Gaga won three prizes at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday, claiming Best Female, Song, and Pop honors, just a year after taking the plaudits for best new act. The ceremony converted two of the Spanish capital’s most iconic landmarks into glittering venues from which...

2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Dave Iannacone

September 15, 2010

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Going into the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, hopes were high for an amazing and memorable night. With a great lineup of performers and presenters, Chelsea Handler hosting, and the Kanye/Taylor Swift debacle still fresh on everyone’s mind, this year’s show was almost guaranteed to be full of great...

Summer 2010: Music Review

Dave Iannacone

August 25, 2010

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As summer 2010 is rapidly coming to an end, another collection of seasonal anthems is in the books. Despite big album releases from Tom Petty, Drake, 3OH!3, and Arcade Fire, the genre of the summer was without a doubt dance pop. Being the biggest ladies in music at the moment, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha both...

Lady Gaga fires back in NY court at music producer

Brittni DeHart

March 22, 2010

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From The Associated Press Lady Gaga is firing back at a music producer who claims he launched her career and is suing her for $30.5 million. Her lawyer said in a court filing made public Friday the agreement at the heart of the suit was "unlawful." Song writer and music producer Rob Fusari...

Lady Gaga says she’ll tour without Kanye West

Brittni DeHart

October 5, 2009

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From The Associated Press Lady Gaga isn't letting her ill-fated tour with Kanye West keep her from her fans. A day after her joint tour with the rapper was canceled, the pop star said she'll be hitting the road solo. "We mutually decided to cancel the tour. He's going to take some time off, bu...

Kanye West and Lady Gaga tour canceled

Brittni DeHart

October 2, 2009

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From The Associated Press Kanye West and Lady Gaga's highly anticipated tour is over before it even began. Just days after announcing dates for an ambitious joint show that was to kick off next month, the tour was canceled. Live Nation announced the news in a brief statement Thursday that d...

Lady Gaga named Billboard’s ‘Rising Star’

Brittni DeHart

September 29, 2009

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From The Associated Press Lady Gaga's already famous, but she's being honored as Billboard's "Rising Star" at the trade publication's annual Women in Music event this week. Lady Gaga's debut CD "The Fame" has sold more than 1 million copies since its release late last year, and she's had two N...

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