Students Welcome Winter with Ball

Heather Brown

WEST HAVEN–Considered by some to be the biggest event of the fall semester, Snowball was amazing this year. The fun began last Saturday, Dec. 6 with snow globe pictures. I thought having this event before Snowball was a wonderful idea. Many students forget to set time before getting all bundled up to take a nice, formal picture. This gave everyone the opportunity to get one! Don’t forget to pick your snow globe up if you haven’t yet! I love mine!
Getting on the buses seemed to go more smoothly then last year. That could be because I was on the first bus instead of the last bus this time, but it felt that everyone arrivedwithin a reasonable time.

I have to admit, while I completely understand playing holiday songs while students were arriving, I didn’t really get it when the music suddenly turned into easy listening. Though, it was nice to be able to hear what the others at my table were saying throughout dinner. I just really enjoyed singing along to the holiday music and was a little sad when it stopped.
Dinner was fabulous. There were so many options at the buffet that I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy. It also didn’t seem like anyone had to wait a long time to get called to the buffet table.

As soon as the lights dimmed and the food was cleared away, the moment everyone was waiting for finally came: DANCING!

The music that was played, compliments of TJ the DJ, was great. There was a good variety that pleased everyone and kept people dancing until the very last song. I gave TJ a high five at the dance and if you were there you should too!

The picture frames that were given to everyone as gifts was a nice change. They are something that everyone can make use of. It was nice not to get the customary glassware.
There didn’t seem to be as many outwardly intoxicated people at Snowball this year. I did not come across anyone who “pre-gamed” and no one seemed too out of control while there.
Being 21, I have to say that the bartenders were amazing. They were both so nice and accommodating to everyone who wanted a drink. It looked like they made out pretty well in tips judging by the number of times they had to empty their jars.

Overall, I think that this year’s Snowball was a great success. Congratulations to all of the class officers and advisors who made the dance possible. I can’t wait for next year!