Students Rollback at Welcome Event

On Tuesday Jan. 22, the Office of Residential Life, Center for Student Engagement, Leadership, and Orientation, ChargerREC, Graduate Student Services, Undergraduate Student Government Association, and Student Committee of Programming Events (SCOPE) hosted a 70s Rollback night in the Beckerman Recreation Center.   

The music, decorations, and arena were designed to look like a roller rink. Skates were supplied to students, who were then allowed to skate around the designated area until a loud buzzer went off, indicating that their time was up. The line for roller blading stretched from one end of the gymnasium to the other, as students from a variety of skill levels participated in the event.

“The 70s Rollback event was super fun,” said freshman business management major, Meredith Zamperini. “I would for sure go to another campus event like this one.”

Students danced along to the hits played by the DJ. There was also a lounge area in the center of the gymnasium filled with bean-bag chairs for students who did not want to skate to relax and talk with friends. Disco fries and a chocolate fondue fountain, with a multitude of snacks, were provided, and alongside the treats was a selection of soft beverages and water.

“The DJ was rad and I loved the chocolate fountain and the roller skating,” said senior Alicia DeLuna, a forensics and chemistry double major.  

Aside from rollerblading, the event included multiple stations around the gym with different activities. One of the more popular stations was the build your own pet rock station, where rocks, googly eyes, paint, and glitter were provided for students to create their own pet rocks. Alongside the pet rock station was the 70s board games area, where groups of friends huddled around tables playing popular 70s games like LIFE.

“It was a great way for friends to reconnect after being apart for so long,” said sophomore Kimberlee Plude, a fire science major.