Students Look for Role Models

Zack Rosen

WEST HAVEN–What do you get when you mix a few parts Seann William Scott (American Pie) with equal parts Paul Rudd (Knocked Up), Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Elizabeth Banks? Why, you get Judd Apatow’s Role Models, of course! SCOPE treated UNH to a screening of the movie last weekend, Friday, Feb. 6 and Sunday, Feb. 7.

When energy drink representatives Wheeler (Scott) and Danny (Rudd) end up in trouble with the law, they are given the option to partake in a Big Brother program-Sturdy Wings.

Each given a boy to look after and hang out with, it takes a while for common interests to be found. While Wheeler’s kid, Ronnie, wants nothing to do with him except piss him off and cause a ruckus, Danny’s kid, Augie, is obsessed with live-action role-playing games known as LAIRE. But when Danny unintentionally gets Augie kicked out of the game and Wheeler leaves Ronnie roaming around at a party, the two need to make amends to the kids and show them what is more important: their time with Sturdy Wings, or their time with the boys.

Although I’ve seen much better, I walked into the movie expecting something much worse. For overall movie quality it was average, but for its specific “dumb humor” subcategory it certainly was better than expected. If you liked The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Step Brothers, chances are you’ll enjoy Role Models. It’s funny, aimed for college-aged audiences, and has some funny (though minor) cameos. Overall, I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.