Students Learn About Going Greek


Christina Genovese

Lifelong bonds, leadership opportunities, social activities, giving back to the community,

and career oriented networks. The Greek Life at the University of New Haven offers so

much for those who are active within it and are sure to build any student into a

successful leader as seen through the “Greek 101” presentations.

All the movies and stereotypes in the media about fraternities and sororities is not what

you will see at the University of New Haven. At U.N.H, the mission of the Greek Life

Program is to “enhance the personal development of its members through involvement

in social Greek-letter fraternities and sororities.” It is all about fostering a community

centered on educational and personal successes, culture, friendship, history, and

tradition. The core values are personal growth, community engagement,

brotherhood/sisterhood, scholarship and lifelong involvement.

Keelin Herberst, senior, shared how Greek Life has allowed her develop a lot of

professional skills, encouraged her to excel in academics, be an active member of her

community, and what kind of attitude people should have during recruitment.

Herberst said, “Greek life has allowed me to reach my full potential, without the faith

that others in the Greek Life community have in me I never would have seen it in myself

to go after leadership positions or internships. I would definitely suggest going in and

leaving behind any stereotypes that you have of Greek Life, or any preconceived ideas of

each org. When I went out I had my heart set on one org which I thought I best fit in

with, but after talking to the girls in other orgs I realized my home was somewhere else.

Come in with a positive attitude and be your true self.”

There are multiple Greek organizations on campus that all offer something for everyone.

The organizations fall under four different councils: Panhellenic, Inter-Fraternal,

Multicultural, and Independent.

Meghan Mammola, sophomore, is the executive assistant of the All Greek Council,

which encompasses all of the councils. Greek Life has positively affected her, helped her

personally grow, and given her many opportunities. She feels she’s found he home away

from home, and another family she knows she can rely on.

Mammolas said, “Being Greek is so much more than letters on a shirt, they are the

values I uphold as a person, the memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, and

the leadership opportunities that will benefit me in my professional career. During

recruitment, the most important thing to remember is to just be yourself, and with this

you will find the perfect place for you.”

Greek 101 sessions were mandatory for any student interested in going through any type

of Greek recruitment next semester and have wrapped up their sessions for the

semester. If for some reason you could not make a session you can reach out to the

Greek Interns at [email protected] to learn more.

For more information, reach out to any members of the different Greek Councils, or

search Greek Life on the U.N.H website.