Student Newspaper = Student Participation, Input, and Involvement

Joann Wolwowicz

Another year, another semester, and another chance to improve ourselves and our situations are all things that we can look forward to as we continue through college, especially now, at the start of the semester. And with a new semester comes a new opportunity to remind everyone of the great things available to them on this campus. If you have not already, read Matt’s editorial to find out why getting involved on campus is a good thing and how not getting as involved as you should have might cause you to regret some things. But that’s not what I’m going to focus on. Instead I’d like to talk about The Charger Bulletin specifically and how it can be used to help individual students and clubs and organizations as a whole.

The Charger Bulletin is a student run newspaper. Matt and I are both students, and together the newspaper is put out with the help of our staff writers who are all students as well. Therefore, as a student run newspaper, we look forward to hearing what the students on this campus would like to see from the student newspaper. We know that there are things that are positive and negative as well, and knowing that, we want to know what we should keep and what we should try to improve. That being said, we rarely ever get feedback from students on campus. Normally our feedback comes from the administrative side of the university. So if there is something you would like to share with us, let us know. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, or you could email us at [email protected].

Another area of interest maybe to actually get involved with The Charger Bulletin yourself. Are you interested in reviewing movies, music, or even restaurants for us? What about writing about the different sporting events on campus? Do you attend on campus events so much that you wish you could tell everyone about it? Well here’s your chance. The stigma about being a writer for The Charger Bulletin is that you have to be an English or journalism major. However, that is just not the case. Relatively few of our staff members are enrolled in those majors. Even Matt and I are different majors that have nothing to do with writing for the newspaper. The second most common excuse is that “I’m a horrible writer.” Believe me, you do not need to be a published author to write for us, so do not let the idea that you are not a good writer be something that holds you back from trying.

Another way to use the newspaper is to submit editorials about things that you have a strong opinion about. You can submit an editorial about just about anything including things like campus food to horrible teachers. They also do not need to be about anything UNH related. Editorials could be written about politics, the environment, or even how you are tired of hearing about certain celebrities in the news. Especially when it comes to campus related news, people are interested and often enough you will get a response.

As for all of you clubs and organizations out there, there are plenty of ways that you can use The Charger Bulletin to represent yourselves. We always have room for clubs to submit a short write up about themselves. Let students know what you are all about, what you do on campus, and who is in your club. Also, if you host an event, why not write about it and send it in? It is campus news, and maybe it might get new members interested in your club and your events. Lastly, since we cannot email out mass emails to all students on campus, there needs to be a new way to get club flyers out there. How about advertising in the newspaper? All you have to do is email us, and you are all set.

And that’s that. If you are interested in getting involved in The Charger Bulletin, just let us know by either emailing Matt at [email protected] or myself at [email protected]. We’d be happy to help you get started or answer any questions you may have about us. And if you are a club or organization looking to make use of the paper for help showcase yourself to the university, then also contact us via email or you can stop by the Office of Student Activities where Matt and I conduct our office hours. We look forward to welcoming new staff writers this semester and placing a lot more flyers and articles for clubs and organizations. We are here for you, so utilize us. Good luck this semester.