Scope’s Welcome Back Paint Party

Lights, music, dancing, and getting covered in colorful paint is what kicked off the second semester Friday night at the University of New Haven who held their inaugural Welcome Back Paint Party hosted by SCOPE in the German Club.

Sean Callahan, the Spirit and Traditions Committee Head of SCOPE said, “We wanted to find a new unique way to welcome everyone back this semester.”

They wanted to have students start the semester off on a good note, having fun. The people who attended the paint party had a great time, so if a good buzz goes around and others are interested, SCOPE hold similar events in the future.

Teri Tozzi, SCOPE President, said, “I think it was a cool opportunity for people to go to this type of event that they can’t find off campus, so it was good to bring people together for fun on campus. It was also a free event for all students. It was really fun to participate in and look colorful at the end.”

SCOPE hired an organization called Glow Rage Paint University (Paint U), an international pain party and EDM tour that provides the ultimate paint party experience, to help run the event. Paint U put tarps all over the German club floor and walls, and SCOPE provided shoe covers, plastic bags for phones, and baby wipes. A paint event has been trying to happen on campus for a while, and this year it finally worked out.

“It took around 6 weeks to approve and to plan, but it was worth it in the end because it’s success will spearhead more new events in the future,” Heather Eng, Vice President of Finance.  

Students danced to the music and got paint shot in unexpected bursts at them throughout the songs – sometimes buckets of paint fell on students. Participants didn’t always see the paint coming, so it was a surprise to get covered in pink, blue, yellow, and glow in the dark paint. Participants walked out covered in paint from head to toe.

Glow Rage says, “The paint washes off, but you never forget the night you had at Glow Rage!”