Student Affairs Spotlight: Campus Ministry

Isaak Kifle


An Interview with Martin O’Connor

Office Location: South Campus 205

Contact: [email protected] or call (203)641-0538

What is the history of campus ministry?

Campus Ministry is an area that has slowly developed over a long period of time. The first traces of faith-based services at the university arose around 25 years ago, and the services continue to grow today.

Who comprises the staff?

Martin O’Connor, Associate Professor of Fire Science, serves as the University Chaplain at UNH. In addition, a university committee exists that aims to foster spiritual awareness on campus.

What services do you provide?

There are a variety of faith-based services available to students in the West Haven and New Haven area, as well as places of worship. The office of campus ministry maintains a list of places of worship within the area, which can be found at In addition, campus ministry works with the Dean of Students office to coordinate pastoral events on campus, especially in response to tragedies such as the 9/11 memorial and tragedies involving UNH students. Lastly, the office works with the Offices of Community Service and Student Activities to coordinate some community service initiatives, such as the Alternative Spring Break and President’s Public Service Fellowship.

Any other information you would like students to know?

Martin O’Connor and the committee are exploring student needs on campus to better understand what kinds of services would best fit those needs as the ministry services continue to grow. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome to assist in this growth process.